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Classics Eagles Winter Training


November to February options available for players U9 and older!

  • Winter training programs for players playing  competitive soccer. 
  • Training sessions are 60 minutes of technical and tactical development to help players improve their skill level and decision making during games. 
  • Be challenged, have fun, learn, and grow.... 
  • Sessions led by Tony Earp, Classics Eagles Director, C-License USSF Coach, with 14 plus years of youth player development experience. 
  • Program is open to players from all clubs and organizations.
  • Sessions held at SuperKick in Lewis Center, Ohio


Program Details

Age Group Day / Dates Time Sessions Cost
U9 & U10 Fridays: 11/6 to 12/18 (no class 11/27) 5 PM to 6 PM 6 Sessions $90
U9 & U10 Fridays: 1/8 to 2/26 5 PM to 6 PM 8 Sessions $120
U11 & U12 Fridays: 11/6 to 12/18 (no class 11/27) 6 PM to 7 PM 6 Sessions $90
U11 & U12 Fridays: 1/8 to 2/26 6 PM to 7 PM 8 Sessions $120
U13 & Older Fridays: 11/6 to 12/18 (no class 11/27) 7 PM to 8 PM 6 Sessions $90
U13 & Older Fridays: 1/8 to 2/26 7 PM to 8 PM 8 Sessions $120


Each week through the winter months, Classics Eagles will post a home training activity for players to try on their own to improve their skills and have fun with the ball. We want players to do this at home through the winter months, so the activities:

  • can be done in a small amount of space.
  • can be done with little to no extra training equipment (just need a ball).
  • can be adjusted to player's challenge level.
  • are movements that are most commonly used in the game.

For every activity, practice for 30 seconds and rest for 60 seconds. Number of times is up to the player.

BE CREATIVE! Can you come up with your own movements and patterns using these activities. 

SHARE! Post your training videos to any of the Classics Eagles social media platforms and highlight your skills and commitment to improve.

Questions about activity? Contact Tony Earp - 614.843.1583