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Additional Services

Classics Eagles is a full service club. In addition to the team experience, we offer players, coaches, and families, in and outside of the club, additional services to meet their child's developmental needs, interests, and goals. 

Youth Player Mentorship

The youth soccer landscape can be very confusing and frustrating for players to navigate. Players are dealing with mounting pressure and decisions that were not common previously in youth sports. This can leave players feeling distraught and turning away from a game they love.  

Tony has mentored many youth players from various clubs and levels through these situations to help them focus on the things that matter most, things they can control, and help them find their passion for playing the game. 

If you would like more information on this free assistance, please contact Tony Earp.

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College Recruiting

Your child is interested in playing soccer in college? Great! Now, do you know how to navigate the college recruiting process and the most effective ways to search for the schools and programs that match your child's needs?

Meet with Tony Earp,  and he can begin outlying the process and answer your questions to start you down the right path to find opportunities in a way that will save you money and time.

If you would like more information on this free assistance, please contact Tony Earp.

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Supplemental Training

Some players, groups, and teams are often seeking out additional training. Whether it is for new training ideas, a different voice, or a different challenge, everyone has their reasons for looking for a "push" to get a little closer to their goals.

Classics Eagles coaches and Director can assist players, groups and teams with personalized training programs that align with their goals and needs. Programs and training can be tailored to match up with in season and off season schedules and other commitments. We also work with coaches to provide support and ideas for training their players or teams. 

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Parent / Coach / Player Education

What is important to your team or organization? Are there key ideas, concepts, or initiatives you are striving to implement and make part of your culture and identity?

With our experience and resources in the youth soccer and sports community, we can assist to design and present an educational program for parents, coaches, and players that will help your team and organization meet your needs and path forward.

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