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CE JDA Spring Program

Classics Eagles JDA is a program serving players ranging from ages U6-U9. Classics Eagles JDA offers an introductory level of play to young players seeking to learn more about the game of soccer. Through a mixture of exposure to a professionally coached training environment, and the opportunity to experience the game day environment, the Classics Eagles JDA experience is a positive and supportive way for young players to nurture their passion for soccer. 

JDA Program Description

The JDA experience is special and serves an important role in helping players explore the game of soccer in way that aligns with a family’s and child’s personal, social and developmental needs/desires.  

The 2018-19 program is open to players born between 2013 (U6) to 2010 (U9).  Classics Eagles Executive Director, Mike Lentz, leads this program and shared "The Classics Eagles JDA is a special and unique opportunity for players who are excited about the game of soccer.  Players grow in confidence as a result of the safe, fun and competitive environment.  We challenge players to try new things and every single child has a chance to be successful in the JDA environment. The coaches and players smile, work hard and have FUN!"

The JDA experience has five primary objectives:  

  1. Have FUN
  2. Build and develop healthy relationships and social skills
  3. Ignite and fuel a passion and love for the game of soccer
  4. Nurture a child’s ability to become a creative, skillful, confident, intelligent and respectful soccer player
  5. Engage parents in the developmental process so they can support their child’s growth now and in the future

The player-first training & game environments will establish a strong foundation of ball skills, problem solving skills, game savvy, and understanding of the 1v1 attacking principles of soccer.  The JDA experience will expose players to both technical training and small sided game environments designed to be FUN, dynamic and skill growth focused.  This opportunity is open to any player who demonstrates a love for the game and is excited to learn, have fun and interact with like-minded players.

  • Training Format:  Players train in small groups to maximize their touches on the ball.  The training format exposes players to 1 player, 1 ball activities, athletic movement exercises, and 1v1 competitions.  All activities involve the soccer ball.
  • Game Format:Players will have a game day.  The primary format will be 4v4 or 5v5 (4v4 w GK)
  • Game Day “teams”: Players will be placed on a CE “team” for the game day experience.  Players will compete with different CE teammates week-to-week.  Director and coach decisions about player movement will be thoughtful, intentional, purposeful and reflect a player’s developmental needs and progress.
  • Curriculum: Emphasis is on individual player ball mastery… how a player uses his/her foot skills and problem solving skills to successfully meet the game’s attacking principles.   Through a guided discovery process, players will learn about their role on a team relative to the ball, their teammates and the opponent.  They also gain game savvy…that is, understanding how to play the game given time, space, score, area of the field etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my child?   Click the red Registration links (above or below) to sign-up for the Spring 2019 session.

What is the schedule?  Players have the option of training 1 or 2 times per week.  All players will participate in the game day experience.

  • Training Option 1:  Tuesday & Thursday
  • Training Option 2:  Tuesday only
  • Training Option 3:  Thursday only
  • Game Day Experience:  Sundays (included for everyone)

Training Day Schedule

  • Boys  =  5:30 to 6:30 PM
  • Girls   =  6:40 to 7:40 PM

Game Day Experience

  • Boys  =  2:00 to 3:00 PM
  • Girls  =  3:15 to 4:15 PM   

Can my child play in the local recreational league?  Yes, players can play in their local recreational league.  The JDA is designed to be a stand alone experience, or a program that supports players looking for more skill training.

Where are the Spring 2019 sessions being held?  

  • Weekday training will take place at SuperKick (409 Orangepoint Dr., Lewis Center, OH 43035).
  • Game day will be held at Liberty Park (Powell, OH).

How much does the JDA experience cost? 

  • Training Option 1:  $285.00   Includes 2 training sessions and 1 game day experience per week.  14 practices and 6 games.  Players receive a CE training/game shirt and a soccer ball.
  • Training Options 2 - 3:  $200.00   Includes 1 training session and 1 game day experience per week.  7 practices and 6 games.  Players received a CE training/game shirt and a soccer ball.

When will Training Begin?  What are the dates?

  • April 2, 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 23, 25, 30 
  • May 2, 7, 9, 14, 16

When will games begin?  What are the dates?

  • April 7, 14, 28
  • May 5, 12, 19


Contact Mike Lentz at for more information.