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Barça Academy Columbus FAQ

FAQ and Info for our current CE families

What is the Barça Academy?

Barça Academy is the official soccer school of FC Barcelona. The main goal of Barça Academy is to give players around the world the opportunity to learn the methodology and values of FC Barcelona.

What is the FC Barcelona Training Program?

Barça Academy offers an exclusive annual training program based on the unique Barça style. Players will have the opportunity to learn the same successful methodology where players such as Messi, Iniesta or Pique emerged from.

Is this an official FC Barcelona Program?

Yes, Barca Academy is the official FC Barcelona training program in the United States. Any other clubs or organizations in greater Columbus using the logo, name or likeness of FC Barcelona are not legitimate.

Did Barca Academy buy Classics Eagles?

The answer is no.  Classics Eagles has entered into a partnership to bring the Barca Academy to Columbus and is transitioning the Classics Eagles Premier Program only. Classics Eagles will continue to oversee this program while also maintaining a strong presence in Central Ohio including the CE Junior Development Academy, CE Competitive Program, CE Camps, Tournaments, Special Events and more.

Age Range?

U8 to U19, boys and girls.

When does training start?

Training begins Week of July 30th.

When does training start for U15-U19 age groups?

If the player participates in high school soccer, the U15-19 players will start programming in November.  We do offer year round training for player in these age groups who will not participate in the high school season.

Can my child still play high school soccer?

ABSOLUTELY! We still encourage all players who wish to play for respective high school teams to be a part of those teams in the Fall. Barça Academy U15 and older teams will begin their training and competition after the conclusion of the high school season. Just like in the past, U15 players who are in 8th grade will have the opportunity to train and play during August - October then join up with their 9th grade teammates in November.

Can my child play other sports?

ABSOLUTELY! Classics Eagles has always been supportive of multi-sport athletes and feel that is the foundation of developing well-rounded individuals. Through the Barça Academy Columbus, players will still have the ability and option to play other sports as they currently do. In fact, with training being held two times per week, it should allow multi-sport athletes more time to balance between multiple sports.

Where are the teams training?

Although the program is called Barça Academy Columbus, Olentangy based training locations will be within a 10-mile radius of Olentangy High School. Westerville based teams will train in Westerville.

What leagues will the teams compete in throughout the year?

U11 to U19 teams will compete in their same, traditional leagues in the Fall and the Spring (just like now), but will also take part in “internal competition” during times that external competition is not offered by local and regional leagues.

U8 to U10 teams will compete in the Barça League which is comprised of mainly internal competition. In this format, “game days” are big events where players in the Academy compete in a professionally run game format where results are kept and champions are crowned.  The internal aspect of the league allows the coaching staff to control competition levels, positions, and formats of games to maximize player development and learning. External competition will take place in the form of tournaments and “friendlies” scheduled with other clubs.

How can I join the Academy Columbus?

1) Attend an upcoming scheduled tryout to be evaluated and placed on a competition team.

2) Register to the Technical & Development Program for weekly training clinics with the FCB coaches held on Friday evenings. (registration coming soon) 

What is the tryout process?

Tryouts will be held the week of May 29th for U8 to U12, & U18/U19 age groups, and be held the week of June 4th for the U13 to U17 age groups.

If offered a spot for the Barça Academy, you will receive a welcome email notifying the player of being accepted with additional key information.

For tryouts, will teams be formed?

Teams will be formed and announced on the Sunday following tryouts. Players will receive notification via email of their team placement, and will have the opportunity to accept that position.  Throughout the year, internal competition and league carding rules will allow movement between teams based on developmental needs of the individual player.  The coaching staff under leadership of the Barça Academy Technical Director will make those decisions.

How are teams formed?

Teams are formed based on age group and level of the players. Upon being accepted into the Academy, the Technical Director determines movement and placement of players on teams based on their current level of play and developmental needs.

After a player is accepted into the Barça Academy, they will receive notification about team training days and times. During the first two weeks of August, there is additional evaluation period of the players in order to make any additional adjustments based on Technical Director’s evaluations of the players during this time.

Who is the Barça Academy for?

Simply, the Barça Academy is for any player who wants to learn and play the game in a professional training environment using the best methodology and coaching standards in the world.

Whether your goal is to play in college and beyond, make your high school team, or compete and develop your ability to play the game, this program is for you.

Who are the Coaches?

An official FC Barcelona Technical Director will move from Barcelona to Columbus for the entire year to conduct the weekly training sessions and teach the techniques of one of the most successful academies. Along with him, local staff coaches and coaches from Spain who will be coaching in the  Columbus.

*Only an FCB Technical Director will be present at tryouts.

Player to Coach Ratios?

For U12 and below, we aim to keep a 12 to 1 player to coach ratio for training. For U13 and up, we aim to keep a 14/15 to 1 player to coach ratio.

Coach Rotation?

Throughout the season, coaches rotate between teams and age groups. This exposes them to more players in the Barça Academy, and provides the players the opportunity to learn the same methodology through different coaching styles.

Program Format?

The Barça Academy is a ten month soccer school starting the first week of August and running through the beginning of June. Teams will train two times per week and then have competition on the weekends.  See U15-19 above for timeframes.

*Some external leagues extend through the month of June

Competition difference between age groups?

U8 to U10 players play in an internal competition league designed and organized by FCB plus will have opportunity to play in external tournaments and friendlies against other clubs. Players U11 and up will continue competing in external competitions (league and tournaments) plus will have internal competitions throughout the year.

Will the players have the opportunity to train in Barcelona?

Several players from each program will be selected to train at the FC Barcelona HQ in Barcelona and participate at the FCB International Tournaments.

What is the cost of the program?

$1995 for full year 
$1795 for Winter & Spring (offered for high school players)

  • If pay in full at time of acceptance, you will receive a 10% discount
  • Club fees do not include tournament fees (estimates coming soon)
  • Club fees do not include service fees
  • Uniforms must be purchased through

Commitment Fee?

If offered a spot in  Columbus, a $400* commitment fee will be required to secure your sport. The commitment fee is non-refundable and is deducted from the total amount due for the program. 


There is a 10% discount on program fees for paying in full with commitment fee.

Payment plans?

When joining Barça Academy, there is a non-refundable commitment fee that secures your child’s spot. The remaining balance is broken up into 9 monthly payments.

Hardship Assistance?
For players in need of hardship assistance, details about application process coming soon.

Payment Options?

Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) or direct payment from checking account (ACH).


Uniforms must be purchased through . These uniforms will be good for two years.

Will we still have access to SuperKick?

Yes, SuperKick will be the home of Barça Academy.

Is SAQ still included?

SAQ will not be included and will not be offered. SuperKick is offering annual youth fitness membership for all athletes.

Will HS age teams still be playing at college showcases?

Yes, HS age teams will still be competing at college showcases and other tournaments.

How many tournaments per year?

The number of tournaments per year will vary depending on age groups and the developmental needs of the teams.

Do goalkeepers have field time?

Goalkeepers are more involved than normal with our methodology. Goalkeepers with the desire to also play on the field have the opportunity to do it. 

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