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Field Directory - status updated each day by 3:00PM on weekdays, and 7:30 AM on weekends, as needed

The field conditions are assessed daily between 1:00-2:30 PM. The website is then updated by 3:00 PM.

Rescheduling Guidelines

Rescheduling Guidelines - all leagues have their own policies and guidelines for changing and/or rescheduling games.  Coaches and Team Managers should first visit the league's website to understand the rescheduling policies.

Ohio Champions League - Website
     MOSSL - Website
     BPYSL - Website
     OSSL - Website
     MRL - Website

Once you understand the game change/rescheduling process, teams seeking to reschedule a HOME game can use the links below to request a game field (day, date, time and field #).

Olentangy - Click on this link ( OYAA Reschedule Guidelines ) to view soccer game rescheduling guidelines

Questions:  Tony Earp -