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Classics Eagles

Welcome to Classics Eagles

Classics Eagles' mission is to fulfill the individual player's developmental needs and facilitate achievement of his or her aspirational goals. This will be accomplished by providing a supportive club culture, positive team environment, and delivering outstanding coaching, curriculum, programs and overall value to our players and their families.  All Classics Eagles leaders, coaches, families, players and partners will hold each other to the highest standards of performance and conduct in all that we do, leading by example to improve the game of soccer. 

Classics Eagles has undergone a significant transition recently. This page serves to help you as a soccer player, parent, or coach understand the programming that Classics Eagles offers, and the goals of our program. 

Classics Eagles has been a staple of the soccer community in central Ohio serving players of all levels and abilities for nearly a decade. Today, Classics Eagles programming is comprised of two playing options which both serve to promote the mission of our club as stated above:

  1. Classics Eagles Junior Development Academy (JDA)
  2. Classics Eagles 

Classics Eagles JDA

Classics Eagles JDA is a program serving players ranging from ages U6-U9. Classics Eagles JDA offers an introductory level of play to young players seeking to learn more about the game of soccer. Through a mixture of exposure to a professionally coached training environment, and the opportunity to experience the game day environment, the Classics Eagles JDA experience is a positive and supportive way for young players to nurture their passion for soccer. To learn more about how to become part of the Classics Eagles JDA program, please visit the CE JDA page.  

Classics Eagles

Formerly known as Classics Eagles Competitive, the Classics Eagles program is a soccer option that serves players from U8-U19. Classics Eagles teams are led by parent coaches who have identified a need to pursue a level of play beyond what recreational soccer offers. The Classics Eagles program offers great flexibility to young players who may not yet be ready to commit to competitive club soccer as their primary sport which is why thousands of players have chosen to play with Classics Eagles since its establishment.  To learn more about what the Classics Eagles program offers and how to become a Classics Eagles player, please visit the CE informational page.