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CE Tryout Results - U19 Girls (1998)

Dear Parents,

Thank you for bringing your child to the Classics Eagles tryouts.  We value each and every opportunity we have to share our passion for the game of soccer with the players.  

We understand how stressful the on-field tryout process and result notification process can be for players and their parents.  The online notification process is designed to communicate decisions in a more efficient and timely manner.  Each year, the coaching staff spends many hours evaluating the players and discussing the best team placement for each and every child.  We take this process very seriously and want players and parents to know the information as soon as possible.


1.     Review the Tryout result list below.  Find your child's tryout number.  All numbers are listed in numerical order.  If your child's number is not listed, then we are not able offer a roster position at this time.

2.     Deadline to accept or decline: 4:00PM on Sunday June 11, 2017.  

3.     Click     ACCEPT    to complete the process and join a CE team

To Complete the Accept Process, parents will need 3 items:

        A. Birth Certificate:  upload a picture of your child's birth certificate.  It can be a jpg or pdf ( 2MB or smaller).  
        B. Commitment Deposit:  the non-refundable commitment deposit is due to accept your child's team roster position
        C. Health Insurance Information:  Parents will enter health insurance information; please have your insurance card ready.
            (this is a new requirement and should simplify some paperwork in the future) 

4.    To Decline the invitation: please email coach the coach listed below.

                    Please include: Child's First, Last Name and Tryout #

5.     Classics Eagles will not share decisions/ confidential information with other families.
6.    Alternates:  if a player declines their invitation/position to join a team, the coaching staff will consider filling the open roster spot with another player.  In this case, a phone call will be made by the coach/club rep, to the new player inviting him/her to join the team.


CE Red U19 Girls (1999)

If your child chooses to decline the offer,
please email coach Brandon Koons


















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