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Junior Development Academy (U6-U7)

updated: June 23, 2017

Junior Development Academy   

  • Director of Coaching   Michael Lentz     |  Questions:   Click HERE to send Mike an email

Click HERE to view the 2017-18 JDA program information document. 

     *  Registration will open on Friday, June 30th
          CE is moving to a new registration platform; the link for the JDA is not ready yet.  We are sorry for
          the delay and inconvenience.  If you plan to register your child for the Fall 2017 session, please send
          Mike Lentz an email (above) and include your child's name and birth year.  He will email you the registration
          link as soon as it is open and ready to go. 

     *  Closes Friday, July 28th
     *  Fall session begins week of August 14th


The JDA experience has five primary objectives:

   (1) Have FUN

   (2) Build and develop healthy relationships and social skills

   (3) Ignite and fuel a passion and love for the game of soccer

   (4) Nurture a child’s ability to become a creative, skillful, confident, intelligent and respectful soccer player

   (5) Engage parents in the developmental process so they can support their child’s growth now and in the future


The Classics Eagles Junior Development Academy (JDA) Program Packet:  Click HERE COMING on Monday, June 5th

Through JDA Target Competencies©, the player-first training & game environments will establish a strong foundation of ball skills, problem solving skills, game savvy, and understanding of the 1v1 attacking principles of soccer.  Mike Lentz, JDA Director says this about being a skillful player “I have never heard of a coach (any sport, any level) tell a child he/she is too skilled to play on a team.”

Classics Eagles’ JDA program is tailor made for the youth player.  The JDA experience will expose players to both technical training and small sided game environments designed to be FUN, dynamic and skill growth focused.  This opportunity is open to any player who demonstrates a love for the game and is excited to learn, have fun and interact with like-minded players.

In these early stages of development it is a player FIRST approach.  Results at this age are not the defining factor in determining how good your child is or can be.  Our focus is on developing their potential… what can the player do with and without the ball… is our measure of development. Our players are expected to always compete, in training and games, to their fullest but it is the process and the manner in which we play that determines if we are winning and losing.

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